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    Bug 795866 - Transparent gradient on transparent layer ... · f3febfe3
    Ell authored
    ... drifts/sharpens when applying additional gradients
    In GimpDrawableFilter, don't use gegl:over for operations without
    an input pad, since this only works if the filter's mode is
    REPLACE.  If the filter's mode is different, in particular, if it's
    NORMAL, we end up compositing the operation's output against the
    input twice: once in gegl:over, and again in the filter's
    applicator.  Notably, this happens for the gradient tool.
    Instead, revert commit 5b80d3d3
    (with some additions to avoid constructing unnecessary nodes when
    the operation has no input) and simply change the applicator's mode
    to NORMAL if the oepration doesn't have an input, and the filter's
    mode is REPLACE.
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