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    Review, amend and update the XCF file format spec and parasites.txt · 8b55983f
    Sven Claussner authored
    XCF spec:
    - Update to GIMP 2.8.10
    - Clarify role of file formats in the save-vs.-export-context
    - Rearrange outline
    - Collect infos on basic concepts in one chapter
    - Add table of contents
    - Add File format version history
    - Add note on image size
    - Add open questions and TODOs
    - Sort properties alphabetically
    - Unify tiles and hierarchy examples
    - Wording
    - Cosmetic cleanups
    Extract compositing.txt from xcf.txt
    Update parasites.txt:
    - Replace SVN->Git
    - Update contact e-mail address
    - Add table of contents
    Cherry-picked from commit a83791be
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