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    modules: various changes in clip-warning · e2fb7a41
    Ell authored
    Replace "Show NaN" option with "Show bogus".  Bogus values include
    infinities, in addition to NaN.
    Don't blend the bogus warning color with other warning colors, when
    a pixel has both a bogus component, and a shadow/highlight
    component.  The bogus warning always takes precedence.
    Rename "Include alpha" option to "Include alpha component".
    Remove "Opaque" option.  Warnings are now always opaue, even for
    non-opaque pixels.
    Add "Include transparent pixels" option, which controls whether
    fully-transparent pixels are included in the warning.  A fully
    transparent pixel is a pixel whose alpha component is less-than or
    equal-to zero (note that this doesn't include a NaN alpha
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