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    app, pdb: add gimp-register-file-handler-priority procedure · b4ac9568
    Ell authored
    Add a gimp-register-file-handler-priority procedure, which can be
    used to set the priority of a file-handler procedure.  When more
    than one file-handler procedure matches a file, the procedure with
    the lowest priority is used; if more than one procedure has the
    lowest priority, it is unspecified which one of them is used.  The
    default priority of file-handler procedures is 0.
    Add the necessary plumbing (plus some fixes) to the plug-in manager
    to handle file-handler priorities.  In particular, use two
    different lists for each type of file-handler procedures: one meant
    for searching, and is sorted according to priority, and one meant
    for display, and is sorted alphabetically.
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