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    Reorganized the core menu items (everything except <Image>/Filters). · e46eaf86
    Michael Natterer authored
    1999-11-20  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	Reorganized the core menu items (everything except
    	<Image>/Filters). Everything is of course trivial to change again,
    	so please comment on the new "menu feeling" ;-)
    	* app/menus.[ch]:
    	- Applied the suggestions collected by Olof.
    	- Added "..." to all items which open a dialog.
    	- Introduced some additional separators (e.g. in "Dialogs").
    	- Reorder some plugins and the color correct tools after
    	- A menu entry to invoke the tooltips inspector.
    	- A debugging menu entry which dumps the menu paths and their help
    	  pages (will of course go away when the help sys is consistent).
    	There are currently two identical "Help" menus because
    	<Toolbox>/Help trashes the menu bar if the toolbox is too narrow
    	(gtk doesn't seem to support multi-line menubars, any idea?)
    	* app/app_procs.c: call menus_reorder_plugins() after loading the
    	plugins to beautify the "Xtns" menu.
    	* app/commands.[ch]: reordered some functions to match the new
    	menu structure (for easier source navigation) and renamed some to
    	be consistent (e.g. all help functions are now called help_*).
    	Show/Hide the rulers with ordinary gtk_widget_[show|hide]()
    	commands. I've tested it several times and it looks exactly the
    	same as the old code which used internal gtk knowledge.
    	* app/gdisplay.c: applied the menu changes to
    	* app/gimphelp.[ch]: new public function gimp_context_help() which
    	invokes the tooltips inspector. Code cleanup.
    	* app/resize.c: changed the dialogs' titles to match the menu entries.
    	* app/session.c: renamed the gradient selection cmd callback to be
    	consistent with brushes/patterns.
    	* app/tools.c: added "..." to the menu paths of the tools which
    	have dialogs.
    	* app/fileops.c
    	* app/channels_dialog.c
    	* app/layers_dialog.c
    	* app/paths_dialog.c: added some "...".
    	* plug-ins/common/align_layers.c
    	* plug-ins/common/autostretch_hsv.c
    	* plug-ins/common/c_astretch.c
    	* plug-ins/common/color_enhance.c
    	* plug-ins/common/compose.c
    	* plug-ins/common/decompose.c
    	* plug-ins/common/mail.c
    	* plug-ins/common/normalize.c
    	* plug-ins/common/threshold_alpha.c
    	* plug-ins/dbbrowser/dbbrowser.c
    	* plug-ins/fp/fp.c
    	* plug-ins/print/print.c
    	* plug-ins/rcm/rcm.c: changed the menu paths and added "...".
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