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    app: constrain line angles in display space, not image space · 984ed6ce
    Ell authored
    Add an offset_angle parameter to gimp_constrain_line(), which
    offsets the radial lines by a given angle.
    Add gimpdisplayshell-utils.[ch], with two new functions:
      - gimp_display_shell_get_constrained_line_offset_angle():
        Returns the offset angle to be passed to
        gimp_constrain_line(), in order to constrain line angles in
        display space, according to the shell's rotation angle and
        flip mode.
      - gimp_display_shell_constrain_line():  A convenience function
        which calls gimp_constrain_line() with the said offset angle.
    Use the new functions in all instances where we constrain line
    angles, so that angles are constrained in display space, rather
    than image space.
    The only exception is GimpEditSelectionTool, which keeps
    constraining angles in image space, since it's not entirely obvious
    that we want to constrain angles of dragged layers/selections in
    display space.
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