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    app: implement second step for line art selection/filling. · 8502b4e7
    Jehan authored
    When filling colors in line arts, you don't want to leave space between
    the strokes and the color, which usually happen with any of the current
    selection methods.
    A "KISS" trick is usually to grow your selection a few pixels before
    filling (adding an additional step in colorization process), which
    obviously does not handle all cases (depending on drawing style and
    stroke size, you may need to grow more or less) as it doesn't take into
    account actual stroke geometry.
    Instead, I label the selection and the "rest" differently and leave the
    pixel strokes unlabelled. Then I let these unlabelled pixels be flooded
    by the "gegl:watershed-transform" operation.
    Note that this second step is different from the second step from the
    GREYC research paper, as they use their own watershed algorithm taking
    color spots as sources to color the whole image at once. This is a
    different workflow from the one using bucket fill with a single color
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