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    app: GtkAction -> GAction madness part two · 3b6b3fc1
    Michael Natterer authored
    Change all action callbacks so they can be invoked by a GAction:
    - add GimpActionCallback typedef:
      void (* cb) (GimpAction*, GVariant*, gpointer)
    - change all action callbacks to the GimpActionCallback signature
    - add "gimp-activate" and "gimp-change-state" signals to GimpAction,
      with the same signature as the resp. GAction signals
    - remove all other custom action signals and only use the new
      GimpAction signals
    - pass around appropriate GVariants containing booleans, int32,
    - badly hack around to force a GimpProcedure pointer into a
      uint64 variant
    - remove all G_CALLBACK() casts from all action callbacks,
      they all have the same signature now
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