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    app, libgimp, libgimpbase: plug-in and PDB protocol refactoring part two · 32ea28b6
    Michael Natterer authored
    - Change the wire protocol's GPProcInstall to transmit the entire
      information needed for constructing all GParamSpecs we use, don't
      use GimpPDBArgType in GPProcInstall but an enum private to the wire
      protocol plus the GParamSpec's GType name. Bump the wire protocol
    - Add gimpgpparamspecs.[ch] in both app/plug-in/ and libgimp/ which
      take care of converting between GPParamDef and GParamSpec. They
      share code as far as possible.
    - Change pluginrc writing and parsing to re-use GPParamDef and the
      utility functions from gimpgpparamspecs.
    - Remove gimp_pdb_compat_param_spec() from app/pdb/gimp-pdb-compat.[ch],
      the entire core uses proper GParamSpecs from the wire protocol now,
      the whole file will follow down the drain once we use a GValue
      representation on the wire too.
    - In gimp_plug_in_handle_proc_install(), change the "run-mode"
      parameter to a GParamSpecEnum(GIMP_TYPE_RUN_MODE) (if it is not
      already an enum). and change all places in app/ to treat it as an
      enum value.
    - plug-ins: fix cml-explorer to register correctly, a typo in
      "run-mode" was never noticed until now.
    - Add gimpgpcompat.[ch] in libgimp to deal with all the transforms
      between old-style wire communication and using GParamSpec and
      GValue, it contains some functions that are subject to change or
      even removal in the next steps.
    - Change the libgimp GimpProcedure and GimpPlugIn in many ways to be
      able to actually install procedures the new way.
    - plug-ins: change goat-exercise to completely use the new GimpPlugIn
      and GimpProcedure API, look here to see how plug-ins will look in
      the future, of course subject to change until this is finished.
    - Next: changing GPParam to transmit all information about a GValue.
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