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    app: new "gex" format (GIMP Extension). · 406279e4
    Jehan authored
    File extension (.gex) may still change if anything better is proposed.
    This format is currently just a compressed archive containing the
    extension data (plug-in, brushes or whatever) and the metadata file.
    For now, opening such file will simply install it as a new extension,
    keeping all file permissions and structure. Of course in the future, it
    will have to trigger a confirmation dialog.
    Currently the compression used is zip, which is just a first draft. This
    is not a decisive choice as well. We could use some tarball compressed
    in whatever other compression algorithm. I use libarchive as a new
    dependency to support unarchiving as it seems to be a common library
    (and since it is already used by AppStream-glib anyway, this doesn't add
    any actual dependency, just make it direct).
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