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    * app/Makefile.am
    Inclusion of David's MMX code into Makefile now
    depends on prior definition of HAVE_ASM_MMX.
    * app/pdb/procedural_db.c
    Line 276 cast of va_args to type GimpRGB seems
    very problematical on SGI, as the va_args macro
    expands to Extreme Ugliness and
    (GimpRGB)(Extreme Ugliness) does not compile.
    RH Linux seems indifferent and accepts either.
    * app/commands.c
    * app/gdisplay.c
    * app/menus.c
    * app/plug_in_cmds.c
    * app/undo.c
    * app/tools/gimppainttool.c
    * app/tools/gimptool.c
    * app/tools/paint_options.c
    * app/tools/tool_manager.c
    s|#<remark about extreme buggedness>|
    /* #<remark about extreme buggedness> */|
    Not all compilers are at peace with non-standard
    pre-compiler directives. SGI MIPs compilers are
    among the latter species.
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