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    Issue #2495: different code for Windows and Linux on duplicate devices. · 74a7a5d3
    Jehan authored
    After discussing with Mitch, it turn out commit 717c183a was fixing
    (or rather working around) actual issues of broken device/usb stack
    issues on Linux, as expected.
    Nevertheless on Windows, this broke in turn many tablets (see commit
    ce24e160). Therefore we do a very ugly #ifdef to bail from duplicate
    devices on Windows whereas we continue on Linux. This fix and difference
    of behavior is completely empirical, rather than based on actual good
    logics, so that's quite annoying, but well… not much choice here.
    Also note that since we had no report of breakage on other OSes (such as
    macOS/BSD), at least that I know of, I let them with the Linux code
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