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    app, libgimpbase: --enable-relocatable-bundle replaces --enable-binreloc · 4d84c1d7
    Jehan authored
    Older --enable-binreloc configure option had basically the same purpose
    as the newer --enable-relocatable-bundle, though the old binreloc was
    only used for gimpenv.c code.
    As a consequence, commit 10ce7021 was still not working fine since
    gimp_installation_directory_file() also need binreloc enabled (to be
    actually relocatable).
    Let's get rid of this whole mess, by implying we want binreloc code to
    be used when --enable-relocatable-bundle is ON. We don't need the
    m4macros anymore, since AM_BINRELOC was basically just checking that
    `/proc/self/maps` was present. But anyway being present at compile time
    does not mean it will be at runtime (nor the opposite). So this test is
    not that useful. The binreloc code will anyway fallback gracefully to
    the non-binreloc code (i.e. trying to use build-time install paths) if
    the procfs is lacking at runtime.
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