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    Bug 787457 - Paint brush settings display system language (e.g. zh_TW) · d01e182c
    Jehan authored
    ... and ignore language setting (e.g. en_US).
    The problem came from the fact that these settings names are class
    properties of GimpPaintOptions/GimpContext which is first instanciated
    when the Gimp object is created. This unfortunately happened before
    language_init() since we needed these objects when loading gimprc
    (making inversion of calls rather complicated).
    Therefore they were localized with the system language, not the
    configured language.
    The solution was to create a very simple object GimpLangRC which
    implements the GimpConfig interface, for sole purpose to read the
    language from `gimprc` in a first pass. gimp_load_config() will still
    happen later as a second pass to properly load the rest of the
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