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    Bug 692956 - Bring back 'Color from gradient' option to Paint tools · 54b28a5b
    Sven Claussner authored
    This patch adds a Dynamic for the 'Color From Gradient' option
    and three Paint tool presets (Airbrush, Paintbrush, Pencil), which
    use this preset.
    	new file:   data/dynamics/Color-From-Gradient.gdyn
    	new file:   data/tool-presets/Paint/Airbrush-Color-From-Gradient.gtp
    	new file:   data/tool-presets/Paint/Paintbrush-Color-From-Gradient.gtp
    	new file:   data/tool-presets/Paint/Pencil-Color-From-Gradient.gtp
    	modified:   data/dynamics/Makefile.am
    	modified:   data/tool-presets/Paint/Makefile.am
     	modified:   AUTHORS
     	modified:   authors.xml
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