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    app: add gimp_projectable_{begin,end}_render() · f0aec02d
    Ell authored
    In pass-through mode, the group layer-stack's input is connected to
    the backdrop.  However, when rendering the group's projection, we
    want to render the stack independently of the backdrop.
    Unfortunately, we can't use the stack's graph as a subgraph of two
    different graphs.
    To work around that, the next few commits add a mechanism for a
    projectable to be notified before and after its graph is being
    rendered.  We use this mechanism to disconnect the stack's graph
    from the backdrop before rendering the projection, and reconnect
    it afterwards.  Yep, it's ugly, but it's better than having to
    maintain n copies of (each node of) the graph (each nesting level
    requires an extra copy.)
    This commit adds {begin,end}_render() functions to GimpProjectable.
    These functions should be called right before/after rendering the
    projectable's graph.
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