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    Bug 787919 - Tool options are lost when switching device · 2f629072
    Michael Natterer authored
    GimpDeviceInfo is the only way to store per-device settings like
    color, brush etc. It used to be derived from GimpContext and therefore
    limited to the context's properties, causing everything else (all
    tool-individual options) to be lost on device change.
    Derive it from GimpToolPreset instead, so it's capable of storing
    arbitrary tool options.
    Adapt things to the new class hierarchy and add a bunch of signal
    handlers that make sure the active device's GimpDeviceInfo is updated
    properly when the tool changes. Also change device switching
    Change GimpDeviceStatus to only show the stuff that is relevant to
    each device's tool.
    And various small changes to make things work properly...
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