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    app: Use a GdkWindow instead of GimpDockSeparators for dockable DND · 7b85cf4d
    Martin Nordholts authored
    Make drag-and-drop rearrangement of dockables happen directly in the
    existing widget hierarchy so we don't have to use special, ugly
    widgets (read GimpDockSeparator:s) for that.
    More specifically, make edges of dockables and dockbooks have the same
    semantics as the GimpDockSeparators had. We put a highlight colored
    GdkWindow on top of the widget in question to highlight these special
    drop areas. This GdkWindow is not taken into consideration in the GTK+
    drag-and-drop code, so it does not interupt the DND interaction.
    To achive this, there is a problem we must solve: Drag events in GTK+
    are propagated inwards and out, but we sometimes want ancenstor
    widgets to take care of drop events. We solve this by introducing the
    concept of "drag handlers". A drag handler is asked if it will handle
    a given drag event, and if it will, a client will let the drag event
    be propagated upwards in the widget hierarchy. Right now, the
    GimpPanedBox is the only "drag handler". The code could be generalized
    more but it doesn't feel worth it at this point.
    The size of the special drop area is 5px, the same size as the default
    GtkPaned handles. This is because the plan is to later use these
    handles as drop areas too.
    Other changes of interest are:
     * We need to take care of "drag-motion", "drag-drop" and widget
       highlightning ourselves. We can not use the GtkDestDefaults
       conveniences with gtk_drag_dest_set() any longer since we need more
     * Make the drop callback pass the insert index directly instead of a
     * Add some GIMP_LOG() debug output for DND
     * Disable the GimpDockSeparator code in GimpToolbox
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