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    app: in GimpItemTreeView, use color tag of parent for children with no tag · 0beef7d9
    Ell authored
    Add gimp_item_get_merged_color_tag(), which returns the color tag
    of the nearest ancestor (including the current item) that has a
    color tag other than NONE.  Use this function in GimpItemTreeView,
    instead of gimp_item_get_color_tag(), to set the cell color of
    items, so that item's with a NONE color tag inherit the color of
    their parent.  Add a boolean "inherited" parameter to
    gimp_get_color_tag_color(), which indicates if the color tag is the
    item's actual color tag, or an inherited color tag, and modify the
    returned color accordingly, so that inherited colors are less
    saturated/lighter than non-inherited ones.
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