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Fixes #950 (closed)

The list of coding guidelines that cannot be upheld with .clang-format. If you know otherwise, please contribute! Also, please test this .clang-format for false positives if you can!

  1. "Except for one single newline at the end of the file, other empty lines (at the beginning and the end) of a file are not allowed."
  2. "Use \t instead of literal tab inside the source code strings."
  3. "Don't use curly braces for single statement blocks"
  4. All three from "The "no block for single statements" rule has only three exceptions"
  5. "Using blocks to group code is discouraged and must not be used in newly written code."
  6. "Do not check boolean values for equality:" - it's more of a clang-tidy kind of thing
  7. "When conditions split over multiple lines, the logical operators should always go at the end of the line."
  8. Sorting includes in blocks (the only possible option is to sort them ignoring the blocks alphabetically)
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