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Draft: 2.99 Plugins: Make Resource arguments resettable to named defaults.

Lloyd Konneker requested to merge bootchk/gimp:pluginResetDefaults into master

Fixes #10950

Test case is Sphere v3.

This is only for Resources. Also lacks default for Image, Channel if we even want to do that. (The defaulting mechanism could open Images and Channels by name.)

There might be alternative fixes, e.g. restructure the libraries so the libgimpconfig can see libgimp param specs.

The commits will fix these aspects, in separate steps. Each commit will be a partial fix, and all commits are needed.

  1. Reset button of GimpProcedureDialog does not reset Resource arguments/config to defaults.

  2. Even when the config is reset, the views of the resource chooser widgets do not update. The Gradient chooser widget doesn't refresh when it should like Font does. Gradient caches data for its view, and is not updating its cache when it should.

  3. ScriptFu is not doing enough with a plugin's declared default string. The first commit defaults to hard-coded strings that apply despite what individual plugins declare.

  4. Plugins in other languages: the PROC_ARG_ macros don't accept a declared default by name.

  5. Naming a Resource also needs a collection name (special to Font?)

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