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    app, libgimp, pdb, plug-ins: more functions moved to get|set(). · ca8bc2bc
    Jehan authored
    The gimp_drawable_type() is an issue though as gimp_drawable_get_type()
    is already defined as a common GObject API.
    Though I'm actually wondering if GimpImageType is well called. Rather
    than Type, shouldn't we go with ColorModel?
    sed -i 's/\<gimp_drawable_bpp\>/gimp_drawable_get_bpp/g' "$@"
    sed -i 's/\<gimp_drawable_width\>/gimp_drawable_get_width/g' "$@"
    sed -i 's/\<gimp_drawable_height\>/gimp_drawable_get_height/g' "$@"
    sed -i 's/\<gimp_drawable_offsets\>/gimp_drawable_get_offsets/g' "$@"