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    added new virtual functions GimpDrawable::get_active_components(), · a20e04bd
    Michael Natterer authored
    2003-10-06  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	* app/core/gimpdrawable.[ch]: added new virtual functions
    	GimpDrawable::get_active_components(), apply_region() and
    	* app/core/Makefile.am
    	* app/core/gimpdrawable-combine.[ch]: new files containing
    	apply_region()'s and replace_region()'s default implementation.
    	They are identical to the ones removed from GimpImage except that
    	they don't mask the selection with itself (bug #107949).
    	* app/core/gimpchannel.c
    	* app/core/gimplayer.c: implement get_active_components().
    	* app/core/gimpchannel.c: implement apply_region() and
    	replace_region() and invalidate the channel's boundary
    	before upchaining (bug #107949).
    	* app/core/gimpimage.[ch]: removed gimp_image_apply_image(),
    	gimp_image_replace_image() and gimp_image_get_active_components().
    	* app/core/gimpimage-undo-push.c (undo_pop_image): invalidate
    	boundary and bounds if the drawable is a channel (bug #107949).
    	(undo_pop_channel_mod): finish previous commit :)
    	* app/core/gimp-edit.c
    	* app/core/gimpdrawable-blend.c
    	* app/core/gimpdrawable-bucket-fill.c
    	* app/core/gimpdrawable-stroke.c
    	* app/core/gimpimagemap.c
    	* app/core/gimplayer-floating-sel.c
    	* app/paint/gimppaintcore.c
    	* app/tools/gimpinktool.c: changed accordingly.
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