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    General cleanup of the selection tools and their PDB wrappers: · 99e78c70
    Michael Natterer authored
    2001-10-22  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	General cleanup of the selection tools and their PDB wrappers:
    	* app/core/Makefile.am
    	* app/core/gimpimage-contiguous-region.[ch]
    	* app/core/gimpimage-mask-select.[ch]: new files providing a clean,
    	uniform API for the selection functionalities. Changed order of
    	parameters to be consistent, removed code duplication.
    	The region returned by the "by_color" function is not really
    	contiguous but the API is so similar to "by_seed" and it's used
    	in the same context so it's fair enough to put them together.
    	Also, I'm not sure if the two is_pixel_sufficiently_different()
    	I've optimized away were meant to do *exactly* the same. Added
    	a comment there to remember the former difference.
    	* app/core/gimpchannel.[ch] (gimp_channel_feather): removed the
    	"output" channel parameter and made it optionally push an undo
    	(like the other channel operations do).
    	* app/core/gimpimage-mask.c: call gimp_channel_feather() with
    	"push_undo == TRUE", removed some useless comments.
    	* app/tools/gimpbycolorselecttool.[ch]
    	* app/tools/gimpellipseselecttool.[ch]
    	* app/tools/gimpfreeselecttool.[ch]
    	* app/tools/gimpfuzzyselecttool.[ch]
    	* app/tools/gimprectselecttool.[ch]: removed all the actual
    	selection functionality and call the new gimp_image_mask_select_*()
    	and gimp_image_contiguous_region_*() functions instead.
    	* app/tools/gimpbezierselecttool.c
    	* app/tools/gimpiscissorstool.c: use new function
    	gimp_image_mask_select_channel() instead of doing the same manually.
    	* app/tools/gimpbucketfilltool.c: find_contiguous_region() ->
    	* tools/pdbgen/Makefile.am
    	* tools/pdbgen/groups.pl
    	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/selection_tools.pdb: added new group "Selection
    	Tools" which depends only on "core/" stuff (not on "tools/" any
    	more, brrrr).
    	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/text_tool.pdb: don't include "appenv.h"
    	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/tools.pdb: removed the selection tools.
    	* app/pdb/Makefile.am
    	* app/pdb/selection_tools_cmds.c: new file.
    	* app/pdb/internal_procs.c
    	* app/pdb/text_tool_cmds.c
    	* app/pdb/tools_cmds.c: regenerated.
    	* libgimp/Makefile.am
    	* libgimp/gimp_pdb.h
    	* libgimp/gimpselectiontools_pdb.[ch]: new files.
    	* libgimp/gimptools_pdb.[ch]: regenerated
    	Misc cleanups:
    	* app/app_procs.c: call splash_create() with "no_splash_image"
    	as parameter.
    	* app/display/gimpdisplay-render.c
    	* app/display/gximage.c: don't include "appenv.h".
    	* app/gui/gui.c: call session_restore() only if "restore_session"
    	is TRUE.
    	* app/gui/session.c: don't "if(restore_session)" here and don't
    	include "appenv.h"
    	* app/gui/splash.[ch]: added "gboolean show_image" parameter to
    	splash_create(), don't include "appenv.h"
    	* app/tools/gimppainttool.[ch]: added a "GimpGradient" parameter
    	to gimp_paint_tool_get_color_from_gradient().
    	* app/tools/gimppaintbrushtool.c: pass the gradient.
    	* app/tools/gimpselectiontool.c
    	* app/tools/gimptransformtool.c
    	* app/tools/tool_manager.c: s/GDisplay/GimpDisplay/.
    	* app/widgets/gimpcontainergridview.[ch]: removed the "white_style"
    	class variable and don't fiddle around with colors and styles...
    	* themes/Default/gtkrc: ...do the same here with a simple rc style.