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    Support for custom plug-in interpreters, independent of OS support. · 9706fce0
    Manish Singh authored
    2005-02-20  Manish Singh  <yosh@gimp.org>
            Support for custom plug-in interpreters, independent of OS support.
            * app/core/Makefile.am
            * app/core/core-types.h
            * app/core/gimpinterpreterdb.[ch]: implemented GimpInterpreterDB,
            which handles registering and resolving custom plug-in interpreters.
            * app/core/gimp.[ch]: keep a GimpInterpreterDB around.
            * app/config/gimpcoreconfig.[ch]
            * app/config/gimprc-blurbs.h
            * app/dialogs/preferences-dialog.c
            * app/dialogs/user-install-dialog.c
            * app/widgets/gimphelp-ids.h: interpreter-path config stuff.
            * app/plug-in/plug-in.c: use registered interpreters when running
            * themes/Default/images/preferences/Makefile.am
            * themes/Default/images/preferences/folders-interp.png: just copied
            folders-plug-ins.png here, need a better one.
            * data/interpreters/Makefile.am: creates system interpreter directory.
            * data/interpreters/default.interp: sample interpreter file info.
            * data/Makefile.am
            * configure.in: add data/interpreters directory.
            * plug-ins/pygimp/Makefile.am: install pygimp.interp, which configures
            the python interpreter to point to the python we were built with. Also
            register the .py extension.
            * etc/gimprc
            * docs/gimprc.5.in: regenerated
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