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    Move away from creating all item_factories statically in menus_init() but · 8d86ec25
    Michael Natterer authored
    2003-01-10  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	Move away from creating all item_factories statically in
    	menus_init() but create a new one for each place where one is
    	* app/widgets/Makefile.am
    	* app/widgets/widgets-types.h
    	* app/widgets/gimpmenufactory.[ch]: new factory which creates and
    	configures the GimpItemFactories it knows about on-the-fly.
    	* app/widgets/gimpitemfactory.[ch]: added
    	gimp_item_factory_update() which calls the "update_func". Added
    	"gboolean update_on_popup" so item_factories can be configured to
    	require manual updates (used for the <Image> factory).
    	* app/gui/menus.[ch]: create a "global_menu_factory" and register
    	all menus we have with it. Added various setup functions which
    	do stuff like adding the "Open Recent" menu or reorder plug-in
    	menu entries. Removed the debugging stuff...
    	* app/gui/Makefile.am
    	* app/gui/debug-commands.[ch]: ...and added it here.
    	* app/gui/gui.c: create the <Toolbox>, the popup-<Image> and the
    	<Paths> factories here because they are still global.
    	* app/gui/plug-in-menus.[ch]: changed the "image_factory"
    	parameters to "item_factory" and create/update the entries for the
    	passed item_factory only. Makes the whole stuff much more
    	* app/plug-in/plug-ins.c: don't call plug_in_make_menu().
    	* app/display/gimpdisplay.[ch]
    	* app/display/gimpdisplayshell.[ch]: added "menu_factory" and
    	"popup_factory" parameters to gimp_display_new() and
    	gimp_display_shell_new(). Create the menubar_factory and the
    	qmask_factory dynamically. Pass the shell, not a Gimp to the QMask
    	callbacks. Changed gimp_display_shell_set_menu_sensitivity() to
    	gimp_display_shell_menu_update() and don't call it directly (it's
    	a GimpItemFactory update_func now). Call gimp_item_factory_update()
    	on the resp. factories instead.
    	* app/gui/qmask-commands.c
    	* app/display/gimpdisplayshell-callbacks.c
    	* app/tools/gimpimagemaptool.c: changed accordingly.
    	* app/widgets/gimpbrusheditor.c
    	* app/widgets/gimpbrushfactoryview.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpbufferview.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpcolormapeditor.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpcontainereditor.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpdataeditor.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpdatafactoryview.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpdialogfactory.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpdock.c
    	* app/widgets/gimpdockbook.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpdocumentview.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpgradienteditor.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpimageview.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimpitemlistview.[ch]
    	* app/widgets/gimppaletteeditor.[ch]: pass around lots of
    	GimpMenuFactory pointers and menu_identifiers so all views can
    	create their item_factories themselves. Unref the factories when
    	they are no longer needed because they belong to the views now.
    	* app/gui/dialogs-commands.c
    	* app/gui/dialogs-constructors.c
    	* app/gui/dialogs.c
    	* app/gui/brush-select.c
    	* app/gui/gradient-select.c
    	* app/gui/palette-select.c
    	* app/gui/pattern-select.c: changed accordingly.
    	* app/gui/file-dialog-utils.[ch] (file_dialog_new): require
    	menu_factory and menu_identifier parameters.
    	* app/gui/file-open-dialog.[ch]
    	* app/gui/file-save-dialog.[ch]: removed file_*_dialog_menu_init()
    	(they went to menus.c as setup_funcs). Added file_*_dialog_set_type()
    	and moved the <Load> and <Save> factory callbacks to file-commands.c
    	* app/gui/file-commands.[ch]: changed accordingly.
    	* app/gui/view-commands.c: changed the statusbar, menubar, rulers
    	and guides callbacks to do their job only if the setting has
    	actually changed. Don't update whole item factories afterwards.
    	Instead, just change the state of the items that actually need
    	* app/core/gimpchannel.c (gimp_channel_init): set "bounds_known"
    	and friends to FALSE since we don't know that the new channel will
    	be empty (fixes QMask and probably other stuff).
    	* app/gui/image-commands.c
    	* app/gui/vectors-commands.c: cleanup.
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