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    tools: add performance-log-coalesce.py; use in performance-log-viewer · 8c91206d
    Ell authored
    Add a new performance-log-coalesce.py tool, which groups together
    performance-log address-map entries belonging to the same function
    into a single symbol, by filling-in missing base symbol addresses.
    The addresses are grouped such that each set of addresses
    corresponding to a symbol of the same name, in the same source
    file, are given the same (unique, but arbitrary) base address.
    See the previous commit for why this is necessary.
    This should work fine in most cases, however, for logs produced on
    Windows, it can over-coalesce addresses belonging to different C++
    lambda-functions in the same source file, since they all seem to be
    given the same _FUN symbol name.
    Use the new tool as part of the pipeline in performance-log-viewer.
    (cherry picked from commit cb51ea98)
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