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    app: edit the bucket fill tool options with new line art options. · 824af124
    Jehan authored
    I have not added all the options for this new tool yet, but this sets
    the base. I also added a bit of TODO for several places where we need to
    make it settable, in particular the fuzzy select tool, but also simply
    PDB calls (this will need to be a PDB context settings.
    Maybe also I will want to make some LineArtOptions struct in order not
    to have infinite list of parameters to functions. And at some point, it
    may also be worth splitting a bit process with other type of
    selection/fill (since they barely share any settings anyway).
    Finally I take the opportunity to document a little more the parameters
    to gimp_lineart_close(), which can still be improved later (I should
    have documented these straight away when I re-implemented this all from
    G'Mic code, as I am a bit fuzzy on some details now and will need to
    re-understand code).