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    added signals "plug-in-opened" and "plug-in-closed". Added functions · 808b65cd
    Michael Natterer authored
    2006-05-05  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
    	* app/plug-in/gimppluginmanager.[ch]: added signals
    	"plug-in-opened" and "plug-in-closed". Added functions
    	gimp_plug_in_manager_add_open_plug_in() and _remove_open_plugin()
    	which maintain the list of open plug-ins and emit the signals.
    	* app/plug-in/gimpplugin.c (gimp_plug_in_open)
    	(gimp_plug_in_close): don't touch manager->open_plug_ins and don't
    	ref/unref the plug-in. Call above new functions instead. Don't
    	call gimp_pdb_dialogs_check().
    	* app/core/gimp-gui.[ch]
    	* app/gui/gui-vtable.c: removed gimp_pdb_dialogs_check().
    	* app/widgets/gimppdbdialog.[ch]: removed
    	gimp_pdb_dialogs_check_callback() and connect to the
    	plug-in-manager's "plug-in-closed" signal instead.
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