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    Bug 721249 - pdb.gimp_context_set_brush_size() dont't work · 4d6640ff
    Michael Natterer authored
    Port selection/path stroking to using the PDB-controllable
    paint options that live in GimpPDBContext.
    Change gimp_item_stroke()'s "use_default_values" boolean which was
    introduced at a time where we had no better way by a GimpPaintOptions
    parameter. If a non-NULL paint_options is passed (when called from the
    PDB), use it for stroking; if NULL is passed, use the actual paint
    tool options from the GUI (when called from the menus or the stroke
    dialog). In the PDB wrappers, get the right paint options object from
    the PDB context associated with the calling plug-in.
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