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    Bug 599573 - Remember dialog defaults between Gimp sessions · 20a32d97
    Michael Natterer authored
    Add GimpFillOptions and GimpStrokeOptions to GimpDialogConfig and use
    them in the Fill/Stroke Selection/Path dialogs and for the "with last
    values" commands. Add GUI for them to Preferences -> Dialog Defaults.
    This requires most of the stuff in my last few commits, and some
    more changes:
    GimpFillOptions is a GimpContext which has all sorts of connections to
    everything, including a Gimp pointer. Hack around in GimpDialogConfig
    to add a Gimp property, and add "gimp" parameters to quite some GimpRC
    functions. Treat the Gimp* as a GObject* in all public API because
    core/ stuff is not known in config/.
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