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    configure.in plug-ins/common/Makefile.am Add support for the keeping of · 1abfa8da
    Dave Neary authored
    2003-06-22  Dave Neary  <bolsh@gimp.org>
    	* configure.in
    	* plug-ins/common/Makefile.am
    	* plug-ins/common/jpeg.c: Add support for the keeping of EXIF
    	information in jpeg files. This is step 1 in the overall plan to
    	an all-singing, all-dancing metadata editor. Next step is to do
    	the same thing for TIFFs, then to do both properly as a number of
    	parasites rather than one big one, and then to allow a generic
    	metadata editor, as well as (possibly) adding a nice way to
    	manipulate exif data in the jpeg plug-in while saving.
    	This is a modified patch of one posted to the devel list by Lutz
    	Muller in February 2002, and subsequently added to bug #56443.
    	Sorry it took so long Lutz.