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    libgimp/gimp.h plug-ins/jpeg.c applied gimp-austin-981010-0, fixes · 0c635a62
    Manish Singh authored
    * libgimp/gimp.h
    * plug-ins/jpeg.c
    * plug-ins/tiff.c: applied gimp-austin-981010-0, fixes compilation
    warnings for jpeg and tiff plugin
    * plug-ins/tiff/tiff.c: applied gimp-austin-981011-0, adds comment
    parasite support to tiff plugin
    * app/color_select.c: applied gimp-austin-981011-1, fixes color
    selector redraw bug
    * app/layer.c: applied gimp-austin-981011-2, fixes marching ants
    weirdness (doesn't move when selection moved)