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    This commit breaks Tiny-Fu. It sets up the basic structure needed to run · 1ff78e15
    Kevin Cozens authored
    2007-11-04  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>
    	This commit breaks Tiny-Fu. It sets up the basic structure needed
    	to run Scheme scripts as plug-ins. The TinyScheme interpreter gets
    	called but the tiny-fu extension which ties Scheme and GIMP together
    	needs work.
    	* TODO: Added notes about version 2.0 of Tiny-Fu.
    	* autogen.sh: Added LIBTOOL support needed to build extensions for
    	* configure.in: Added setting of GIMP_PLUGINDIR. Display a summary
    	of enable/disabled features, and GIMP directories when the script
    	* Makefile.am: Added targets to create and install the tiny-fu.env
    	and tiny-fu.interp files.
    	* ftx/Makefile.am:
    	* re/Makefile.am:
    	* tiny-fu/Makefile.am: Build ftx, re, and tiny-fu as run-time
    	loadable extensions for TinyScheme.
    	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu.c: Added init_tiny_fu() and tiny_fu_main_init()
    	as first steps of making this a TinyScheme extension.
    	* tinyscheme/Makefile.am: Updated to build as standalone Scheme
    	interpreter. Now installs under GIMP_LIBDIR/tiny-fu.
    	* scripts/Makefile.am: During testing, only installs test scripts.
    	Install init scripts under GIMP_LIBDIR/tiny-fu. Install regular
    	scripts to the plug-ins directory.
    	* scripts/images/Makefile.am: Install under plug-ins directory.
    	* tinyscheme/scheme.c: Change to directory specified by TINYFUPATH
    	to find init scripts and loadable extensions. Updated program usage
    	information. Check for "-gimp" when parsing command line arguments.
    	* scripts/script-fu.init: Added calls to load script-fu-compat.init
    	and the tiny_fu extension.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=391
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