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Update "Compressing Images" tutorial and some save/export docs

Andre Klapper requested to merge compressTutorial into master
  • When exporting to JPEG, other file types under "Select File Type" are irrelevant (and extensions would not be "disabled in the list of extensions" but simply not present). Move related info about file format support libraries to export-file-dialog.xml.
  • Do not recommend entering JPEG file extension in capital letters.
  • Do not call JPEG the best image compression in 2024.
  • Remove confusing reference to "Change the Mode" section - it won't fix all of my file export problems.
  • Update export-image-dialog.png screenshot from GTK2 to GTK3 dialog.
  • Remove mention of "Confirm closing of unsaved images" removed 12 years ago in gimp@e2c8a606
  • Use <guilabel> instead of <quote> markup for UI elements.
  • The filename UI element is a field, not a "box".
  • Make it clear where to find "Overwrite image-name.jpg" by explicitly adding the menu path.
  • Remove non-existing "Save in Folder" mention.
  • Make phrasing of some similar sentences more similar (less work for translators).

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