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Palettes Dialog and Palette Editor: Update to 2.99

Andre Klapper requested to merge dialogPalettes into master
  • Remove non-existing "Save" and "Revert" Palette Editor bottom panel buttons. According to they have never existed.
  • Clarify that "accessible by right-clicking in the palette display area" only works when actually clicking on a color and not the surrounding empty area.
  • Rephrase "Offset" section for clarity.
  • Rephrase "Ascending" section as it's a checkbox now and not a dropdown.
  • Replace "at the time of writing" which no reader can know with "as of 2024".
  • Correct link to Palette Folders section in Preferences.
  • Remove duplicated description of "Edit Color" option.
  • Fix capitalization of "Channel to Sort" as in UI.
  • Fix "Untitled " whitespace typo.
  • Remove incorrect and trivial screenshot palettes-offset-options.png.
  • Remove trivial screenshot palette-editor-context-menu.png: it depicts a single menu and all its menu options are listed right below as text.
  • Update screenshot palette-editor-dialog.png (less buttons in bottom panel, "Undefined" is now "Untitled").
  • Update screenshot palettes-context-menu.png (two instead of one menu structure).
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