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    Simplified buffer handling, by using rect parameter made available · b9b3e876
    Øyvind Kolås authored
    in recent changes to buffer_set/get methods.
    * operations/color/stretch-contrast.c: (process):
    * operations/file-io/jpg-load.c: (gegl_buffer_import_jpg):
    * operations/file-io/pixbuf.c: (process):
    * operations/file-io/png-save.c: (gegl_buffer_export_png):
    * operations/file-io/svg-load.c: (gegl_buffer_import_svg):
    * operations/render/checkerboard.c: (process):
    * operations/render/color.c: (process):
    * operations/render/text.c: (process):
    * operations/workshop/mandelbrot.c: (process):
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