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    Fix a number of database hiccups · c3e52705
    Charles Lindsay authored
    1) Use docid instead of id in search table.
    We had previously included an 'id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY' column in the
    MessageSearchTable, assuming it would get the same rowid alias treatment
    as it does in non-FTS tables.  That assumption was wrong: it was being
    created as a FTS column.  This fixes it so we use docid everywhere.
    To fix the old incorrect docid values, we simply blow away the search
    table and let the natural search table population process, which now has
    the correct docid insertion code, fix the problem.
    This also removes the id column from the search table creation SQL, but
    this will only affect new users.  Upgraders will see an empty, vestigal
    id column in their search table.  Since SQLite doesn't easily let you
    remove columns, it's just easier to ignore the column than go through
    all the work to fix it.
    2) Do as many rowid lookups as possible in batches, instead of doing
    them individually in loops.  This speeds up working with large sets of
    3) Rejigger indices on the MessageLocationTable to make certain queries
    faster.  This creates a new covering index in particular for the email
    prefetcher, which previously had to sort using a temp table.  The new
    index should work in the general case too, as we should never be looking
    at ordering without folder_id (and since folder_id comes first, it works
    as an index on just folder_id, too).
    4) For bonus measure, log all slow queries (> 1s execution time) to
    debug output.
    Closes: bgo #725929
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