Draft: Calendar plugin

Open Tim Lange requested to merge timll/geary:calendar-plugin into main

Mentioned in #155. The plugin parses the .ics files attached to an email and allows to import it with the default calendar application.


Some things to discuss:

  • I had to expose the attachments to the email plugin. This might be a larger port for plugins than wanted?
  • I could get to compile Geary using flatpak, so we might need additional permission for AppInfo.launch_default_for_uri_async to work with flatpak.
  • I would have liked to display multiple calendar events in the same bar but allow importing each one by one. Also, including accept/decline invitation buttons would be cool. For this, I need ActionBars in the ConversationView. As I'm not familiar with the code, I didn't find a fast way to get this to work. Maybe you have some instructions for me how to get started here?

As this is just a draft, I did not check against the code style guides. I'll do this later.

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