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WIP: RFC: [v2] Make the main window adaptive

David Heidelberg requested to merge dh/geary:adaptivex into mainline

Original MR: !401 (merged) by @aplazas , my changes:

  • rebase & migration against latest mainline code & libhandy-1
  • added commit from Arnaud Ferraris to improve accounts-editor behaviour on phones


  • implements a full 3-panels mode,
  • drop support the old 2-panels mode,
  • use leaflets to let the window reach narrower widths,
  • adds a swipe-back gesture (when folded),
  • break navigation a bit, which is why it's tagged WIP.

I'd love to get some feedback. :)

Please note I am not pretending this allows the window to reach small enough widths to fit a phone, nor this changes anything but the main window. This could come in later changes.

v2: adapted to libhandy-1

v3: dropped "non-main window" patches for now (I'll put them into separate MR w/ or w/out improvements, to keep them around)

Actual issues:

  • won't open "compose" when in 1 panel mode
  • when middle (second) panel gets clicked in "3 panel mode", it opens new window
Edited by Julian Sparber

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