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    Fix problem with client not properly counting the number of connections, · eb2cc614
    Brian Cameron authored
    2006-01-03  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
            * gui/gdmcommon.c: Fix problem with client not properly counting
              the number of connections, and make logic more robust so when
              it receives an "ERROR 200 Too many messages" it will close and
              reopen the connection and try again rather than just fail.
            * configure.ac, configure/Makefile.am: Add loginpreloadlist
            * utils/prefetch.c: Now handle comments that start with "#" in
              the preloadlist file.
            * daemon/gdm.h, daemon/gdmconfig.c, config/gdm.conf, gui/gdmlogin.c,
              gui/gdmcommon.[ch], gui/greeter/greeter.c: Now PostDisplayProgram is
              PreFetchProgram.  Fixed some comments in gdm.h.
            * daemon/gdm.c: Now KEY_PRE_FETCH_PROGRAM is only returned to the
              first slave that asks for the value, ensuring the prefetch only
              happens the first time a greeter is displayed.
            * docs/C/gdm.xml: Rewrote the Introduction section so it is more
              clear, made improvements to the Accessibility section, and fixed
              a number of formatting issues.  Now a separate Security section.
              Updated docs to reflect PreFetchProgram change.
            * gui/gdmflexiserver.c: Clean up the code a little.
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