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    Updated. Update to and use EXPANDED_DATADIR instead of %{datadir} · 3dc1d30d
    Brian Cameron authored
    2006-02-13  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
            * Release
            * NEWS: Updated.
            * configure.ac: Update to and use EXPANDED_DATADIR instead
              of %{datadir} since that makes it work much better.
            * README.install, README, docs/C/gdm.xml:  Update docs so that the
              change from --with-configdir to --with-defaults-conf and renaming of
              default and custom config file is documented.
            * daemon/gdm-net.c, daemon/gdmconfig.c, gui/gdmsetup.c: Update comments
              to no longer mention old name of config file.  Fix gdmsetup to know
              new location of custom config file.
            * config/Makefile.am: Now if upgrading and gdm.conf and
              factory-gdm.conf are different, move the gdm.conf file to
              custom.conf instead of copy.  This is  because we don't want GDM
              to overwrite the custom.conf file every time user upgrades.  Only
              first time, then gdm.conf should go away.