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    Add RBAC support and allow more configuration on how the System Commands · 1dbcc78d
    Brian Cameron authored
    2007-04-19  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
            * configure.ac, acconfig.h, daemon/gdm.c,
              daemon/gdm-daemon-config-entries.h, daemon/gdm-daemon-config-keys.h,
              gui/Makefile.am, gui/gdmlogin.c, gui/greeter/Makefile.am,
              gui/greeter/greeter.c, gui/greeter/greeter_system.c,
              config/Makefile.am, config/gdm.conf.in, docs/C/gdm.xml:  Add
              RBAC support and allow more configuration on how the System
              Commands are handled.  This includes adding the SystemCommandsInMenu
              option to specify which commands show up in the greeter menu and
              the AllowLogoutActions to specify which system commands are supported
              via the QUERY_LOGOUT_ACTION, SET_LOGOUT_ACTION, and
              SET_SAFE_LOGOUT_ACTION gdmflexiserver commands.  Also add the
              RBACSystemCommandKeys option so that RBAC can be configured in a
              generic way for each system command.  The configure.ac script sets
              up this key properly for Solaris.  Add RBAC section to the Security
              section of the docs and info about the three new configuration
              options.  This fixes bug #372738.  Note that the gdmflexiserver
              were broken after William Jon McCann's config cleanup, so I fixed
            * daemon/gdm-net.c: Fix includes so glib includes are after system
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