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    Patch by Padraig O'Briain <Padraig.OBriain@sun.com>, modified by myself so · 11c28082
    Brian Cameron authored
    2005-12-21  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
            Patch by Padraig O'Briain <Padraig.OBriain@sun.com>, modified by myself
            so it also works with gdmlogin and not just gdmgreeter.  Also I
            integrated his gdmprefetch.c utility into the configure/Makefile system
            with the --with-prefetch option.
            * configure.ac:  Now support --with-prefetch
            * daemon/gdm.h, daemon/gdmconfig.c, config/gdm.conf.in:  Support
              new PostDisplayProgram key.
            * gui/gdmcommon.[ch], gui/gdmlogin.c, gui/greeter/greeter.c:  Now
              support new PostDisplayProgram key.
            * docs/C/gdm.xml: Add docs for new key.
            * utils/Makefile.am, utils/gdmprefetch.c: Add new
              gdmprefetch utility.
            * config/Makefile.am: Now install gdm.conf file with 444
              permissions and always write over the installed gdm.conf
              after first moving aside the user's gdm.conf file if
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