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    raise version to · 77acdba9
    Jiri (George) Lebl authored
    Thu Jul 05 03:29:01 2001  George Lebl <jirka@5z.com>
    	* configure.in: raise version to
    	* gdm.spec.in: do a "soft restart" in %post
    	* gui/gdmchooser.c, gui/gdmlogin.c: warning fixes
    	* daemon/misc.h, daemon/slave.c, daemon/xdmcp.c, daemon/choose.c,
    	  daemon/display.c, daemon/gdm.c,saemon/server.c: fix printf style
    	* daemon/choose.[ch], display/gdm.[ch], daemon/slave.c: change the
    	  fifo protocol to be text based so that we can also control from
    	  scripts like the .spec file.  Also store all the different pids
    	  in the daemon so that we can whack all the different processes
    	  the slave starts if it crashes.  Also add a soft restart opcode.
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