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    Added HAVE_GNOME config define. · 85e2a47c
    Naba Kumar authored
    	* configure.in: Added HAVE_GNOME config define.
    	* gdl/gdl-dock-item.c: (gdl_dock_item_size_allocate): Do not
    	allocate negative size to child.
    	* (added) gdl/gdl-switcher.[ch], gdl/gdl.h, gdl/Makefile.am:
    	Added a notebook like
    	widget (derived from GtkNotebook) which has self organizing buttons
    	instead of tabs. It can also become gtknotebook if show-tabs is
    	enabled on it. Also the buttons can be configure to take icon-only,
    	text-only, both or GNOME desktop setting for toolbars (default).
    	* gdl/gdl-dock-notebook.c: (gdl_dock_notebook_instance_init),
    	(gdl_dock_notebook_dock): Use the new GdlSwitcher widget instead of
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