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    tracker: Drop Tracker code · e9215d33
    Carlos Garnacho authored
    The story of saved contacts in Tracker is a convoluted one,
    and this code is mostly an artifact. 65 Million years ago, when
    Nokia dominated the world, Maemo/meego relied on Tracker and had
    specialized contact apps that used it as a storage.
    After Elop hit the Earth, saved contacts barely survived the
    event, mostly feeding off a small Evolution plugin. But that
    was not meant to last long, the evolution plugin went extinct,
    taking all traces of saved contacts with it. Just the ontology
    remained, a hollow shell that yes, could be able to hold a
    contact, would they still exist.
    Modern times arrived, and with them the interest on archeology,
    thus this fossilized piece of code is found and taken to the
    museum where it belongs.
    Should Tracker-using contacts ever exist again, the way to
    communicate with them would be radically different, let this code
    be a testimony of how it won't be done.
    Fixes: #126
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