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    docs: Various small fixes and expansions of documentation · e7b96a7b
    Philip Withnall authored
     • Various links fixed to point to class documentation rather than its
       constructor documentation (this is a quirk of Valadoc; if using
       “{@link ClassName}” inside a method of ClassName, the link will point to
       ClassName’s constructor because symbols are resolved relatively and the
       class’ constructor is called “ClassName”).
     • Various bits of documentation expanded (mostly trivially) to shut gtk-doc
       up about missing long descriptions.
     • Some Vala code attributes moved around so the documentation comments are
       correctly associated with the code. (This shouldn’t change the behaviour
       of the attributes themselves.)
     • Some trivial constructors added to classes in order to give them
     • Constructor for Utils added and deprecated immediately. Utils should
       become a nested namespace on the next API break, since it will only ever
       contain static methods, and thus doesn’t need to be instantiable (which
       folks will make it at the moment).
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