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    Added view_replyto member. · b1f9622c
    Jeffrey Stedfast authored
    2001-03-12  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj@ximian.com>
    	* e-msg-composer.h: Added view_replyto member.
    	* e-msg-composer.c (e_msg_composer_get_visible_flags): Find out if
    	we want to view the Reply-To header.
    	(e_msg_composer_set_view_replyto): A new function to set the state
    	of the replyto header.
    	(menu_view_replyto_cb): Callback for setting the ReplyTo state.
    	(set_config): Make static.
    	(setup_ui): Setup the ReplyTo bonobo stuff.
    	(load_from_property_bag): More defaults for the ReplyTo, yay.
    	(load_from_gnome_config): Again...
    	(e_msg_composer_get_view_bcc): Implemented.
    	(e_msg_composer_get_view_cc): Implemented.
    	(e_msg_composer_get_view_from): Implemented.
    	(e_msg_composer_get_view_replyto): Implemented.
    	* e-msg-composer-hdrs.c (e_msg_composer_hdrs_get_reply_to_entry):
    	New function, yay.
    	(e_msg_composer_hdrs_get_reply_to): Another new function.
    	(e_msg_composer_hdrs_set_reply_to): Yet another new function...
    	(create_headers): Create the reply-to header.
    	(attach_headers): Attach the reply_to.
    	(headers_set_visibility): Set the reply_to visibility.
    	(e_msg_composer_hdrs_to_message): Set the message's reply-to here
    	based on the user-set reply-to header.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=8657
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