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    Delayed loading of IMAP message parts. · 8ad855fe
    Dan Winship authored
    	* camel-types.h: typedef CamelMessageInfo and
    	CamelMessageContentInfo here
    	* camel-folder-summary.h: Add a "size" field to
    	* camel-folder-summary.c (camel_folder_summary_content_info_new,
    	camel_folder_summary_content_info_free): Renamed and made
    	non-static for providers that construct their own content info.
    	(content_info_load, content_info_save): load/save size
    	* camel-data-wrapper.c (camel_data_wrapper_is_offline): New
    	function to return if a data wrapper's contents are "offline". (So
    	that, for example, we don't make thumbnails of images that haven't
    	been loaded off the IMAP server yet.) Defaults to FALSE.
    	* providers/imap/camel-imap-folder.c (camel_imap_folder_selected):
    	Fix a bug in re-selecting a folder when messages have been
    	expunged from it by another client in the meantime.
    	(imap_get_message): Rewrite. If the message is larger than a
    	certain size, just create a skeleton message containing
    	CamelImapWrappers that will read parts as needed. This way, large
    	attachments only need to be downloaded if the user looks at them,
    	and multipart/alternative alternatives that aren't used will never
    	be downloaded at all.
    	(imap_update_summary): Rewrite this a bunch too to make the
    	parsing more robust.
    	* providers/imap/camel-imap-summary.c
    	(camel_imap_summary_new): Set build_content to TRUE.
    	(content_info_load, content_info_save): Only save/load the content
    	for messages that have it. (The content info gets created as a
    	side effect of imap_get_message.)
    	* providers/imap/camel-imap-utils.c (imap_parse_body): New routine
    	(and helpers) to parse an IMAP 'body' FETCH response and fill in a
    	CamelMessageContentInfo from it.
    	* providers/imap/Makefile.am (libcamelimap_la_SOURCES,
    	libcamelimap_la_HEADERS): add camel-imap-wrapper.
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